28/07/2019 | Mainero MDD-100 row-independent corn head

Mainero MDD-100 30-inch corn heads

Stepped up versatility to harvest in extreme crop conditions and increasd field efficient.

Marcos Formica
Research & Development of Mainero.

Mainero launched this past harvest season a 30 inch spaced header specifically designed for the US Market with all the MDD-100 features; including the patented open sided snouts, and double offset gathering chain sprocket.

These features allow this header to handle 10+ inches of row misalignment, shining in scenarios such as contour end rows, terraced ground, cross planted sections, and downed corn.

Field efficiencies are increased and operator fatigue is reduced by eliminating strenuous maneuvers associated with following the rows in traditional row crop harvesting.

These features will help the header accel in situations where conventional corn heads struggle.

Mainero corn heads come with a 1 year parts/labour warranty and are distributed in the USA and Canada by GBC Distributors.

GBC Distributors
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Phone 1-306-682-5888
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Carlos Mainero & Cía. SAICFI is a company from Bell Ville (Cordoba, Argentine), founded in 1933. Is oriented to the agricultural machinery production.Its bigger product ranges are harvest, forage conservation, storage, rationing and silage. Manufactures around of 4.000 machines per year with 400 employees, maintaining leadership in technology, quality, reliability and market share in the domestic market. Its first export date back to the year 1967 to neighbors countries. Today is present in five continents.

The ultimate header design that better matches USA Farmers’ needs

The corn header Mainero MDD-100 utilizes a patented double, offset gathering chain design which provides a wide V-shape intake area allowing misaligned or off-row corn stalks to be gently fed into the row-units.