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Acquisitions and Mergers 2020

Main acquisitions and mergers of companies in the global machinery market in 2020.

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The market doesn’t stops, and the mergers and acquisitions of companies -all over the world- are not the exception.

To the concentration registered in the last years, in 2020 are added the factors derived from the COVID-19’s crisis, such as the financial problems of many companies and the need to compensate in a larger scale the falls in the sales, in different markets.

The next one is a review of the main operations registered in the sector, according to the exclusive investigation by Maquinac.

Doosan. The South korean conglomerate bought Schiller Grounds Care (USA), a company specialized in equipment for green spaces’s maintenance. The operation included the trade of the brandts BOB-CAT MowersRyan y Steiner (see article ).

Valmont. The multinational acquired AgSense (USA), specialized in technology for precision irrigation (see article ).

CropX. The Israeli company acquired CropMetrics (USA), specialized in the development of irrigation management systems (see article ).

GRI Tires. Global Rubber Industries, from Sri Lanka, acquired Axis Industrial Tyres (Australia), specialized in the development of industrial tyres (see article ).

Danfoss. The company bought the hydraulic equipment business of Eaton (see article ).

Unverferth. The North American company bought Force Unlimited (USA), manufacturer of spreaders (see article ).

FPT Industrial. The CNH Industrial’s subsidiary acquired Potenza Technology (U.K.), specialized in electric motors (see article ).

Kubota. The company bought 10% of the Escorts Group (India), manufacturer of the Farmtrac tractors (see article ).

Lely. The dutch company bought Milkalyser (England), specialized in the development of fertility management systems for the milk sector (see article ).

Valmont. Acquired the shareholding majority of Solbras (Brazil), a company specialized in photovoltaic energy (see article ).

Rite Way. The Canadian company signed an intent letter for the acquisition of Morris Industries (Canada), manufacturer of planters, air drills and packer (see article ).

ZWL Holding. The Asian and German investors group, acquired from the GB Group the control of Rabe (Germany), a brand specialized in spreaders, planters and tillage equipment (see article ).

Mutares. The German capital group started the purchase process of Sabo (Germany), a subsidiary of John Deere , dedicated to the manufacturing of equipment for green spaces’s maintenance (see article ).

Lindsay. Acquired the company Net Irrigate (USA), specialized in remote monitoring technology for irrigation (see article ).

DeLaval. Acquired from the British group Avon Rubber the company Milkrite Interpuls (England), specialized in milking equipment (see article ).

Grimme. Took over the total control of the company Asa-Lift (Denmark), specialized in vegetable technology (see article ).

Valmont. Acquired the firm PrecisionKing (USA), dedicated to the development of irrigation digital systems (see article ).

AGCO. Bought the company 151 Research (Canada), specialized in the development of monitoring technology for the grain storage (see article ).

Mahindra. It completed the purchase of 75% of the shares of Sampo Rosenlew (Finland), specialized in the manufacture of harvesters and forestry equipment (see article ).

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