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The largest hoppers in the world

Ranking of the giant hoppers manufactured in the world.

Self-unloading hoppers can be made of truly incredible dimensions.

In some markets, such as Australia and, to a lesser extent, the United States, there is a segment of the so-called “Mother bins”. These are giant hoppers, whose capacities range from 80,000 to 240,000 liters.

They are transportable equipment that act as logistics lungs to receive the grains that are being harvested and unload them to trucks for transport. In this way, downtime at harvest time is avoided.

In Argentina, this segment does not exist, among other reasons, because the silobolsa mostly completes this function.

Having made that clarification, we propose a quick review of the largest «mother bins» hoppers manufactured on the planet.

The list includes products from the Australian companies CoolamonBromarDunstan FarmersVenningsFinch EngineeringBarber Engineering y Parkes Steel, as well as the North American companies Demco y Walkabout.

The largest hoppers manufactured in the world (volumetric capacity).
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